Don't Wait Communicate!

A family-centered approach to speech and language therapy.

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Don’t Wait Communicate, Speech and Language Services is a home, daycare and private school-based speech therapy service dedicated to helping children to communicate effectively and confidently so that they may reach their fullest potential. Alexis Bolivar is the owner and founder of Don’t Wait Communicate and believes in using a family-centered, dynamic approach to helping children reach their speech and language goals.


Alexis Bolivar believes that all children have the capacity to communicate effectively when they are self-assured, confidant and have been given the strategies to do so. Alexis uses up to date and innovative practices in a nurturing environment to teach children speech and language skills for successful, life-long communication, all while empowering family members to help their child along the way.


At, Don't Wait Communicate, we are dedicated to working collaboratively with families to reach their goals and believe that the social-emotional growth of a child has a postive impact on their ability to communicate effectively. Our sessions work to not only develop your child's speech and language but also their confidance, self-esteem and perseverance. 



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